Zeva Inc

Zeva is the leading provider of secure data decryption solutions and expert consulting supporting PKI strong encryption programs. As a CMMI Level 3 company, Zeva delivers licensed software products and customized solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide.

Innovation and rapid development

Zeva’s culture of innovation and rapid development delivers unique software solutions. Zeva enjoys enduring customer relationships built on a passion for listening to business challenges, and delivering solutions that contribute to our customers’ success.

DecryptNaBox Lite / Sectool

DecryptNaBox Lite / SecTool is a Windows workstation product that can be used to decrypt (or encrypt) large numbers of email messages. Read More...

DecryptNaBox for the Enterprise

DecryptNaBox for the Enterprise eliminates the need for private key escrow during data decryption by separating the decryption process into two different functions. Read More...

MobileDecrypt Technology

MobileDecrypt is a special DecryptNaBox client that allows users to read encrypted email messages on mobile devices without direct access to smart card credentials or user private keys. Read More...