Every object in Active Directory has a security identifier (SID). It is a combination of numbers that is attached to any object, such as a user, which states the permissions of that user. It tells the computer what that object is and is not allowed to do. When an object is deleted, however, the SID remains. SIDCleaner removes that remaining SID.

IISLogger is a free tool developed by Zeva to help understand IIS requests by logging all incoming and outgoing requests. IIS already has a built-in logger that records the requests. However, the built-in logger only records the header. That is not enough to understand exactly what the request is. To solve this problem, Zeva developed IISLogger.

GPOSync is a free, yet powerful, tool used to sync group policies (GPOs) from one environment to another. However, it not only syncs the GPOs but also syncs the permissions of GPOs, the WMI filters and their permissions, administrative templates, and the organizational units that the GPOs are linked to.

CVSMerge is a free, quick, and easy to use tool. Simply put, it takes two files and merges the two into one. This tool is especially handy when logs are being produced. Many times, logging can produce multiple copies of files. With CSVMerge, you can take these multiple files and make them into one large file giving you one single view.

AddToIESecurityZone is a simple command line tool that allows the user to add and remove websites to specific security zones in Internet Explorer. As you are probably aware, each security zone has a set of permissions. If a website is in a security zone, it is assigned the set of permissions that go along with that specific zone.

AD Permissions is a free tool developed by Zeva’s research and development office. One of the main jobs of active directory (AD) is to hold objects. However, all objects in AD have permissions called access control lists. AD Permissions simply exports and imports the access control lists of objects and the OU structure of AD.

AddToSafeSenderList is a free tool developed by Zeva to prevent emails from certain senders from going into the junk email. Outlook uses a certain algorithm to determine which emails should be considered junk. Sometimes the wrong emails, important emails from important people, mistakenly end up in the junk folder.

Service Account Manager is a free tool offered to customers of Zeva Inc. to ease the challenge of changing passwords for service accounts. The service accounts passwords are usually stored in Active Directory and in the service that the account is used for. Zeva's tool allows you to change the passwords in AD and the service simultaneously.