DecryptNaBox Lite / Sectool

Encryption  of email messages is a common component of enterprise security and privacy. However, encrypted data poses a challenge for eDiscovery procedures and compliance investigations. When an email message is encrypted, it is not possible to search or index the encrypted portion of the message. Only the unencrypted portion of the message can be searched, such as the subject, sender name, and recipient names.

DecryptNaBox Lite / SecTool is a Windows workstation product that can be used to decrypt (or encrypt) large numbers of email messages. The software is easy to use, and has a simple user interface. DecryptNaBox Lite supports multiple types of email message sources. It can use an Outlook profile as the message source, or a folder hosted locally or on a network drive. When pointing to a folder, the tool will include all files with .PST, .MSG, and .EML formatted files. The tool also has the option to process subfolders located within the referenced folder.

DecryptNaBox Lite provides decryption (or encryption) for email messages that are protected by Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), or Microsoft Right Management Server (RMS). DecryptNaBox Lite is capable of decrypting messages with any of the typical formats such as HTML, Text, and RTF in both MIME and TNEF formats.

DecryptNaBox Lite can be used in different ways depending on an organization’s needs. Some organizations need to decrypt and examine targeted user mailboxes during investigations. Others use DecryptNaBox Lite during ESI collection in support of legal discovery. After inspection, DecryptNaBox Lite can be used to re-encrypt the email messages to ensure privacy is maintained. DecryptNaBox Lite has also been used to support merger and acquisition changes and PKI technology conversions, where mailboxes are decrypted with a legacy encryption technology and re-encrypted with a new technology.